SRK Shaft With Shark Fins 7mm


Shaft with shark fins on Sandvik steel.

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  • The Bonassi SRK shaft are made of Sandvik steel with heat treatment 48/50 HRC that makes them very tenacious even when they hit the hardest rocks.
  • The peculiarity of this series is represented by the presence of shark-fin pins that are laser-welded in a non-through housing which avoids the presence of structural critical points.
  • All the shafts are equipped with 3 shark-fin pins, 2 of which are grouped together in a backward position while the last one is more distant and it is aimed to help loading the speargun only.
  • All the fins have the hole for the passage of the monofilament -max diameter 2.1mm- in order to offer a wider range of possibilities to the user.
  • All are polished and finished by hand so as not to have abrasive edges that could damage the monofilament.

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