Bonassi Zephyr Int Diving Regulator


Diving Regulator Model Zephyr Int

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  • Balanced diaphragm first stage.
  • Simple, strong and reliable with constant intermediate pressure.
  • Conic filter.
  • 4+1 low-pressure outlets.
  • 2 high-pressure outlets.
  • Anti freeze dry seal system.
  • Second stage with excellent cold-water performance.
  • Diaphragm block safety ring which assures better functionality during all phases.
  • Exhaust valve.
  • Venturi control lever with dive-predive mode.
  • Soft front cover.
  • Hose length 730mm.

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1 review for Bonassi Zephyr Int Diving Regulator

  1. luchitamaldonado8

    Im absolutely blown away by this diving regulator. The first stage’s balance pressure feature ensures consistent flor of air, no matter my depth is. The second stage is silky smooth, with zero effort required to inhale or exhale. The built quality is top-notch, durable and realible, with sleek design that looks sharp on my tank. Five stars!

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